Skydroid H12 Manual

Skydroid H12 Long Range Radio system

Skydroid H12 Manual

This product uses the following terms to classify the potential hazards that may be caused by improper operation.

Note: If not follow the instructions, it may cause property damage and minor injuries.

Note: If not follow the instructions, it may cause property damage, major accidents and serious injuries.

Warning: Misuse of this product may result in injury, damage or loss of property. Read the manual carefully before using this product. This item is not a toy. This item is intended for use by professional UAV operators and installers only. Do not use this product if you lack the knowledge and expertise to install and maintain UAV radio equipment. Do not use unapproved or unofficial components with this system. Operators must strictly follow the operation guides set forth in this manual. Skydroid does not accept any liability for the use or misuse of this product.


1、 Product Features

Skydroid H12 series uses newest Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor, equipped with an Android embedded system and advanced SDR technology and super protocol stack, making the image clearer, lower the latency, longer distance, stronger anti-infection, whether it is drones, robots, industrial control equipment, etc. can be applied

2、 Main applications

It is used to remotely operate helicopters, fixed wings, multi-rotors, vehicles, ships, etc. for video/image transmission (camera optional), data transmission, telemetry, and control drone flight.

3、The composition of the model and its significance

H12 - Skydroid H12 Manual

Number Annotation Number Annotation
1 2.4G 3dB antenna 10 Button B
2 Toggle 3 positions switcher E 11 Stick X2、Y2
3 Thumbwheel switch G 12 Button D
4 Button C 13 Thumb wheel switch H
5 Stick X1、Y1 14 Toggle 3 positions switcher F
6 5.5-inch screen 15 Speaker
7 MIC port 16 SIM card slot
8 Button A 17 Charging port
9 Power switcher 18 PPM output

H12 e1661738064918 - Skydroid H12 Manual

Name Annotation Name Annotation
RED LED Red light 2.4 ANT Antenna
GN LED Green light GND Camera ports
GND Ground RX1
USB 5V USB for upgrading TX1
DM/CH9 GND Data transmission/CBUS
DP/CH10 5V
TX3 Expansion ports GND SBUS
2.4G ANT Antenna

Receiver Status light

Receiver LED status Indication Receiver Status
Solid Green LED Connection Normal


Flash slowly Green LED Binding mode
Flash rapidly Green LED C. Bus mode
Solid Red LED Upgrading
Flash slowly Red LED Self test failed, Re-try or return to factory
Flash rapidly Red LED


4、 Environment conditions Pay attention

(1)Working temperature:-10 °C~+55°Co

(2)Storage temperature:-25 °C〜+70 °C。

(3)Relative humidity:Not exceed 85%。

(4)Atmospheric pressure:86kPa~106kPao

(5)Working environment should not contain explosive material or any corrosive or harmful gas may cause interference in the operation of the product.

(6)Always work under shelter to prevent rain, snow, wind, sand and dust contamination.

5、Working conditions

Power supply and attentions

H12 series uses a built-in Li-ion battery. Charging port is compatible with Micro USB 5V chargers (such as cell phone, digital cameras’ USB charger)

In case of smoke, heat or unusual smell during charging, please stop charging immediately and return to our company for servicing as soon as possible.

Do not leave the product unattended while charging. Do not leave the product in a place where children can reach. Do not charge when room temperature over 60 ℃

6、Safety Warning

Beginners should pay attention to the followings! Please read it carefully! DO NOT fly under the influence of substances, or when tired!

Please use certified chargers to charge the batteries.

DO NOT put unnecessary force on antennas since its weakness

Remote control antenna angle

(1) Adjust the angle of the remote control antenna to face the flight direction of the drone.

(2)Antennas shall not form shielding or crossing with each other

remote control antenna angle - Skydroid H12 Manual

1. Preparation and pre-checking before use
Pay attention
① Check battery level.
② Check position of the antenna to get the best performance.
③ Make sure the firmware is the latest version.
④ DO NOT operate under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

2. Operation

choose your language

Image 032 - Skydroid H12 ManualImage 033 - Skydroid H12 Manual

Enter setting, and then enter system, choose your language.

Status bar

status bar - Skydroid H12 Manual

① Bluetooth
② Signal
③ SIM card status (without sim card in the picture)
④ Power lever (charging in the picture)
⑤ Time
⑥ Back ground management
⑦ Home
⑧ Return to last step

H12 Helper

H12 helper - Skydroid H12 Manual

① Mode change
② Rudder value
③ Binding the remote control with other receivers (the binding method is introduced in below)
④ Video/image transmission checking
⑤ In the advanced parameters setting, you can adjust the channel, upgrade the joystick firmware, and modify the receiver’s serial port baud rate (password requested from our engineers)

Binding operation

Skydroid H12 Receiver - Skydroid H12 Manual

① When the receiver is powered on, the green light flashes quickly after short connecting GND and MODE KEY. Open the H12 Helper on the remote control, click“ binding” to start binding.
The green light of the receiver is always on after the binding successfully.
② Quickly power on and off the receiver 5 times, and start the binding mode at the 6th time,on when, the green light flashing. Open the H12 Helper on the remote control, click“ binding” to start binding. The green light of the receiver is always on after the binding successfully.

How to configure QGroundControl

After the receiver is correctly connected to the flight controller, Application Settings~comm Links~serial port: ttyHS1 Baud Rate: 921600.

The camera does not have an rtsp address and cannot use QGroundControl. You can use the H12 assistant to view images. It supports video floating windows.

Use serial port cable (need be purchased separately) to share data transmission

Image 037 - Skydroid H12 Manual

Take H12 connecting Mission Planner as an example
① One end is plugged into the H12 remote control audio port, and the other end is connected to the computer. If it is the first time you use it, please firmly/tightly plug it in to ensure its stable connection.

Image 038 - Skydroid H12 Manual

②Open the Mission Planner ground station, select the corresponding COM port, and connect with the baud rate of 115200.
The Mission Planner is only suitable for Pix and APM flight control, and other flight controls need to be connected with the computer ground station adapted.

Image 039 - Skydroid H12 Manual

Q & A

1.Can the remote control install other apps?
The permissions of the remote control are all open, and there is no special software or restricted
software installation and uninstallation. Supports specialized customized QGC App to be installed, K3A App can’t support now.
2.Data transmission/telemetry cannot be connected.
Check whether the corresponding remote controller has been selected in the ground station App and whether the baud rate is consistent with the flight control (H12 helper, advanced setting,password is 999, receiver setting baud rate). Check whether RX TX is connected reversely (the right way is connect controller’s RX to receiver’s TX, and controller’s TX to receiver’s RX).
3.The remote control keeps ringing/beeping.
When the remote control is not successfully connected with the receiver, the remote control will always send out a prompt alarm.
4.The QGC sound is too low to hear?
Please set it in Vol+/Vol-section.
5.What else can the TYPE-C port do besides charging?
In addition to charging, the TYPE-C port can also be connected to a computer for file viewing.
6.How many ways to connect the remote control to the network?
By SIM card or Wi-Fi or smart phone’s hotspot.

Skydroid H12 Remote Control

Skydroid H12 Pro Remote Control

Skydroid H12 certification

Download:Skydroid H12 User Manual(inPDF)


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