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Skydroid C10 User Manual

Skydroid C10 specifications

Product name

Skydroid C10

Input power

7.2V~72V DC

Operating current


Working temperature




Overall dimension (L, W, H)

51 mm*43.3 mm*61.7 mm

Pitch angle


Pointing axis angle


Rolling angle



Effective pixel: 200W

Lens specification

1/2.7 sensor EFL=2.4mm

Output mode

RTSP code stream H264

Image transmission resolution


Video recording storage resolution


Video storage format

H264(can be played with the PotPlayer player or other players supporting H264 format)

Photo storage resolution


Photo storage format


Working mode

Hoist mode (factory default)

Upside down mode (self setting)

One click back


One click down


One button head up


Supported memory card types

Currently, only the standard Sandisk 16G memory card and Kingston 64G Class 10 Micro SD card are supported

Support file system


Dimensions and angle dimensions of C10

Dimensions and angle dimensions of C10 e1672041002967 - Skydroid C10 User Manual

1. Product introduction

Skydroid C10 is a small high-definition three-axis gimbal camera, which is used with H16/H16 Pro. The C10 equipped with 720P 25fps high-definition distortion-free camera shows you a true vision. The industrial three-axis stabilization structure is used to greatly reduce the picture jitter, so that the picture is always in a stable state. Lightweight design, its net weight is only 61g, reduce the load of the vehicle, and can be used for various sizes of vehicles.

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Skydroid C10 Manual inPDF 

2. Product packing List

C10 main body * 1 (The gimbal body adopts a special wiring method to avoid wire entanglement)
Fixing screw (M2 * 6) * 2 (non-standard configuration)
Power supply and network control cable * 1
Micro SD memory card * 1 (16G memory card has been inserted into the gimbal before delivering)


3. Installation and debugging

1. Precautions for C10 installation
    1. When the C10 is not in use, please do not hang it on the drone. Long term suspension will accelerate the deformation of the shock absorber ball, resulting in the reduction of the shock absorber effect and jelly phenomenon;
    2. When installing the gimbal, the mounting bar, suspension hook and shock absorber plate must be absolutely perpendicular and parallel to each other. Incorrect installation will cause the deformation of the shock absorber ball, which will lead to the reduction of the shock absorption effect and the failure of self inspection. Please see the below pictures.
    3. The C10 has been commissioned in the factory and can be directly used when connecting H16/H16 Pro.
    4. The following is the installation diagram of the C10:


c10 installation diagram - Skydroid C10 User Manual

c10 installation diagram 2 - Skydroid C10 User Manual

2. Description of main structure of Skydroid C10

skydroid c10 - Skydroid C10 User Manual


Corresponding parts


Fixing hole (with thread) M2 * 6


Pointing axis motor


Roller axis motor


Pitch axis motor


camera lens


Memory card slot

3. Cable connection diagram and description of C10

c10 installation - Skydroid C10 User Manual

①Power cable (50cm long) red JST-2P male plug, power supply: 7.2V~72V (DC power supply or lithium battery) 
②Network port cable (signal transmission length 50cm) Network IP signal RX -: network IP signal RX+:network IP signal TX-:network IP signal TX+:network IP signal
Video transmission network IP HD video output RTSP code stream rtsp://  
The storage card C10 can currently support a Kingston Micro SD card with a maximum capacity of 64 GB. As the C10 requires fast reading and writing of 1080P video data, please use the standard Sandisk 16G memory card or purchase a Kingston 64G Class 10 Micro SD card to ensure normal video recording. Note: Please do not unplug the Micro SD card during the recording process, otherwise the video obtained during the shooting process may be lost.  

4. Use of C10 Installed

Skydroid FPV App into the H16/H16 Pro, and opened it.

1. C10 self inspection

After the C10 is hoisted, installed and fixed, power is supplied, C10 will go up and down, turn left and right for self inspection, waiting for the completion of self inspection.Image 030 - Skydroid C10 User Manual

2. Video recording and photography

Check whether the C10 is inserted with a memory card. If the memory card is not recognized, the APP will prompt No TF card message in the lower right corner.

  1. Click the (1) Record key, C10 starts to record video, and the recording icon turns red, RECORD… (indicating recording is in progress) Click the Record key again to stop recording, SAVING… (indicating storage is completed after the text disappears).
  2. Click the ② photographing button, the C10 starts to take photos, SAVING… (the storage is completed when the text disappears).
3. For C10 suspension window, click ③ suspension window icon, and the interface will enter suspension state.
4.④ Parameter adjustment setting
    1. Other parameters. The C10 screen can be set to flip to display the version number, frame rate, GOP and code rate (cannot be changed).
    2. C10 tilt control. Open the virtual rocker to control the C10 up, down, left and right. The mode key on the right can control it [One key Up], [One key Back] and [One key Down] modes.
    3. C10 tilt calibration. Horizontal calibration, vertical calibration and trim adjustment can be set. Notethat the C10 has been calibrated from the factory and does not need to be calibrated. Random calibration will cause the gimbal to fail to work normally!
    4. Working mode. In the hoisting mode (factory default), the C10 cannot be inverted at this time. Upside down mode: you can set the C10 upside down operation. Click upside down mode, the C10 will enter upside down mode, please make the C10 upside down, select other settings in 4.1, select flip check, and confirm. After inversion, hoisting is not allowed at this time. If you want to switch back to the hoisting mode for installation, you need to click the hoisting mode, then hoist the C10, select other settings in 4.1, select flip check, and confirm.
5. Click ⑤ Cross aim, and the screen will display the crosshair.
6. Click ⑥ auxiliary line to display auxiliary line.

Due to version evolution and customer requirements change, corresponding commands and controls will change.


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