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RFD TXMOD User Manual​

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Download:TXMOD User Manual V1.4(in PDF)

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Product Description

The RFD TXMOD, or TXMOD, has been designed to work in conjunction with the Taranis X9D Radio Control Transmitter from FrSky and other compatible controllers. The RFD TXMOD transmits the PPM stream from the controller to the vehicle via the RF Design long range telemetry modems while also receiving telemetry data from the aircraft. The telemetry data can be broadcast to a computer or smart device by the TXMOD’s built in Wi-Fi module.

This manual covers both TXMOD versions currently available, TXMOD and TXMOD v2.0.

TXMOD User Manual v1 - RFD TXMOD User Manual

Figure 1 – Typical Application Diagram.

Getting to know the product

TXMOD User Manual v1 1 - RFD TXMOD User Manual

Figure 2 – TXMOD top (left) and bottom (right) views

Table 1 – TXMOD Description
# Description /Note
1Antenna connectorsFor information about antenna selection refer to section 5 in this document or to the RFD 900x Modem datasheet linked in section 7.
2Heat sinkThe heatsink, visible through the top cover, is required for proper operation and should not be covered while the unit is in use.


Status LEDs


Blinks slowly a few times – establishing link to a Wi-Fi client.

Blinks rapidly for some time – flashing the modem firmware (using

‘spiffs.bin’ file explained in 3.2.2e)

Solid – device initialisation has completed

Green ∗

Blinking – RFD modem looking for a link

Solid – RFD modem bound to another modem



Press 5 times within 5 seconds to reset all Wi-Fi settings to default values. (Red LED will turn off, blink 3 times and go solid after resetting default Wi-Fi settings)
5TabsMechanical clips to lock the TXMOD into the radio control socket.



Interface. ∗∗

aPPMSends RC data into TXMOD.
b+6 V6V supply positive terminal (not used by the module)
c+BatPositive battery terminal (supply for the module) ∗∗∗
eS.PORT****Sends Passthrough messages converted from MavLink

 ∗  Green LED will be enabled after ‘First Run Wizard’ explained in section section 3.2.2 0.

∗∗ Interface between RC and TXMOD is done through a female 0.1” pitch connector.

∗∗∗ See Table 2 below for module supply ratings and section 6.1 for the relation between battery voltage and current draw with different battery types.

∗∗∗∗ This pin is only connected on TXMOD V2

Table 2 – TXMOD Supply Ratings
Supply Voltage (+Bat relative to GND)+5+18V
Operating Current DrawN/A1.2*A

 ∗Rating for TXMOD with RFD modem set for maximum 1W transmit power measured at 5V supply.

RC – TXMOD Compatibility

The TXMOD has been designed to fit into the rear expansion bay of an FrSky Taranis X9D Plus. It may be compatible with other transmitters however the determination of this is the user’s responsibility. Check that the dimensions of the slot and the pin configuration of the connector at the back of your RC match those specified for the TXMOD. For detailed information on the TXMOD dimensions refer to section 6.5 and pinout details can be found in Table 1 above.

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