Radiolink SE100 GPS for PixHawk 3 1 - Radiolink SE100 User Manual

Radiolink SE100 User Manual

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Radiolink SE100 GNSS Products

SE100 Introduction

RadioLink M8N GPS SE100, benefits from 18 years of professional wireless experiences of RadioLink engineers, exceed the limitation of IC sensitivity index from circuit schematic design to PCB placement.
50 centimeters position accuracy. Positioning 20 satellites in 6 seconds at open ground. Industry-leading valley station-keeping ability.Radiolink M8N GPS SE100 Module High Positional Accuracy Works with GLONASS/BeiDou for APM Pixhawk Flight Controller DIY FPV Drone, Quad and More.

SE100 is suitable for all the open-source flight controller such as PIXHAWK, APM, NAZE32 and so on.

Radiolink SE100 User Manual 1 - Radiolink SE100 User ManualSE100 Configuration

GPS decoder chip: RadioLink M8N GPS SE100 use the best receiving chip of first GPS brand u-blox UBX-M8030(M8), 72-channel, MMIC BGA715L7 from Infineon, is much better than single GNSS 7N.

Built-in electronic compass QMC5883L (I2C port) with high precision, which is the same technology as Honeywell HMC5983

Antenna: 2.5dbI high gain and selectivity ceramic chip antennas
Power amplify IC: High-gain MMIC chip
Double Filter: two-stage SAWF (Surface acoustic wave filter) form Murata
50 centimeters positioning accuracy
Positioning 20 satellites in 6 seconds at open ground
Super positioning capability even at valley bottom
Support multiple positioning systems GPS, GLONASS L10F, QZSS L1 C/A, BeiDou B1, dual mode operation is available


Positional Accuracy: Up to 50 centimeters with Dual Modes/250 centimeters with Single Mode
Protocol: NMEA
Velocity precision: 0.1m/s
Max height: 50000m
Max speed: 515m/s
Max acceleration: 4G
Max update rate: 10Hz
Sensitivity: Tracking & Nav.:-167dBm
                   Cold start:-151dBm
                   Hot start:-159dBm
Activation Period: Cold start: 26s
                                Hot start: 1s
Power supply: Voltage: 5±5% VDC
                         Current: 50~55mA
         GPS: UART port with baud rate 9.6K
         Geomagnetic: I2C port
Positioning Indicate
Humanized positioning green LED indicate. When SE100 is powered on, the indicators near the antenna are always on, when the satellite is found, the indicators near the antenna are always on, and the other indicators are blinking.
Radiolink SE100 User Manual 2 - Radiolink SE100 User ManualDefinition of Connector
Connect to PIX: Red wire-VCC, White wire-TX, Orange wire-RX, Black wire-GND, Green wire-CLK, Yellow wire-SDA
GPS Mainboard: White wire-RX, Orange wire-TX, Red wire-VCC, Black wire-GND, Green wire-CLK, Yellow wire-SDA
Radiolink SE100 User Manual 4 - Radiolink SE100 User ManualDirection Indicate
Arrows shows the front, point to the same direction as the flight controller.
Keep the same direction with flight controller.
Radiolink SE100 User Manual 1 1 - Radiolink SE100 User ManualGPS connect to PIXHAWK
Radiolink SE100 User Manual 2 1 - Radiolink SE100 User Manual6pin for GPS connect port: Pay attention to the installation direction,
the GPS direction is consistent with the flight control direction.
4pin for I2C connect port: Take off the internal compass of APM. Otherwise,
there is no data even if the GPS compass is plugged in.
Connect to APM
Radiolink SE100 User Manual 3 - Radiolink SE100 User Manual


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