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Zubax UAV propulsion kit

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UAV propulsion kit *1

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Zubax UAV propulsion kit

Zubax UAV propulsion kit is an assembled, tuned, and fully configured set of powertrain hardware, that includes the motor controller (ESC), the motor itself, and the propeller. This is a complete power conversion solution from DC electrical input to propulsive power.

All propulsion kits use highly energy-efficient and robust vector control drives (FOC ESC) based on the Télega motor control technology.

The motors and the propellers used in propulsion kits are sourced from third-party vendors. Note that our extended reliability and quality guarantees do not directly apply to third-party hardware unless specifically noted otherwise. For detailed information about the third-party hardware, please refer to the official vendor documentation.

Note that interface cables and fasteners are not included by default unless explicitly stated in the description. Please order the necessary accessories manually:

  • Cables & connectors
  • Hardware & fasteners

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Zubax UAV propulsion kit detail - Zubax UAV propulsion kit

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Prop Length

P15x5-SS4006KV320-MA0, P15x5-SS4006KV320-MA1, P15x5-SS4006KV320-MB0, P15x5-SS4006KV320-MB1, P17x6.2-SS4014KV330-MA2-C060, P17x6.2-SS4014KV330-MB2-C060, P18x6.1-MN5212KV340-MA2-C060, P18x6.1-MN5212KV340-MB2-C060




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