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Zubax Myxa evaluation kit

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Zubax Myxa evaluation kit

Zubax Myxa evaluation kit is a high-end PMSM FOC motor controller (FOC ESC) for light unmanned aircraft and watercraft.

Myxa is designed for use in propulsion systems of light unmanned aerial, underwater, and surface vehicles. The controller provides up to 850 W of continuous power output and supports a wide range of operating voltages from 12 to 51 V (LiIon 4–12 S).


  • Propeller and fan drives for light unmanned aerial vehicles.
  • Pump and propeller drives for unmanned watercraft.
  • Fuel pump drives for jet engines and gas turbines.
  • CMG drives for LEO spacecraft.
Communication interfaces
  • CAN bus
  • UART
  • USB
  • RC PWM

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Zubax Myxa evaluation kit contains a single Myxa in an aluminum enclosure and a set of accessories:

  • Myxa A2 or B2
  • Babel, plastic enclosure
  • UCANPHY Micro patch cable, twisted
  • UCANPHY Micro termination plug
  • RC PWM adapter cable for Myxa
  • DCD-Mini standard debug cable
  • Micro USB cable, type B, double shielded
  • DIN 912 stainless steel socket head cap screw, M2.5×6 mm, 4 pcs

Everything can be ordered separately as well, of course.

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Myxa A, Myxa B


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