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T-Motor AT 55A 6S

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T-Motor AT 55A 6S

The Fearless Challenge
Fixed-wing ESC,support 2-6S battery

AT series ESC adopt a dedicated fixed-wing core algorithmprogram,optimize the software structure to make motorcontrol with high proficiency. Original importedcomponents, with ingenious PCB layout. Andowing high quality, stability, and cost-effective.

Stable and high efficient BEc moduleensure the EsC can be used safely
in various power supply environments.

Hardware filtering and synchronous continuedcurrent function make throttle control fasterand more reliable.Multiple software protectionMultiple Protection functions include abnomalvoltage, ESC thermal, battery low-voltage,throttle signal loss etc., so that the security
of aircraft can be improved  through test and flight.

Wide parameter settings and simple set-up methods,help ESCmeet applications easily in various environments.And support LED programming card settingparameters, simplify the setting process.

T-Motor AT 55A 6S Protection Function:
1.Start up protection: lfthe motor fails to start up within 2 seconds when pushing the throttle, the ESC willcut-off the output power. in this case, the throttle stick MUST be moved to the bottom again to restart themotor. (Such a situatlon happens in the following cases: The connection between EsC and motor is not rellable,or individual output lines are disconnected, propellers are blocked by other objects,or slow-down teeth are stuck.2.Temperature protection: When the temperature of the ESC is over about 110 Celsius degrees, the ESC willreduce the output power. But will not cut off all of the output power,willjust turn down 40% offull power,toassume the motor power and not drops,The ESC will Gradually regains maximum power.3.Throttle signal loss protection: The EsC will reduce the output power ifthrottle signal is lost for 1 second,further loss for 2 seconds will cause the output to be cut-off completely.lfthe throttle control signal is restoredduring the power drop, the throttle control is restored immediately, Advantages: in case the throttle signallost instantly (less than 1 second), the EsC will not cut off the power output immediately, ifthe remote controlsignal is indeed lost for a long time, then protect, but not cut off the output at once, but reduce output powergradually.So the player have some time protect the machine, taking into account safety and practicality.4.Overload protection:When the load suddenly becomes very large, the power will be cut off or restartedautomatically.The motor blockage lead to the sudden load increase.

Program the ESC with your transmitter (4 Steps)
1.Enter program mode 2.Select programmable items
3.Set parameter value (Programmable value)
4.Exit program mode
Note: Please make sure the throttle curve is set to 0 when the throttle stick is at bottom position and 100% for
the top position.
1、Enter program mode:
1.Switch on transmitter, move throttle stick to top position, connect the battery to ESC2.Wait for 2 seconds, the motor should emit special tone like “beep-beep-“3.Wait for another 5 seconds, special tone like”56712″should be emited, which means program modeis entered.
2、ESC Programming via the Transmitter(Throttle Stick)
1.Enter the Programming
Turn on the transmitter,move the throttle stick to the top position,and connect a battery to the Esc,2 seconds later,the motor wil beep”B-B-“first,then emit “56712”5 seconds later to indicate that you are in the ESC programming mode.
2.Select Parameter ltems
After entering the programming,you’ll hear the following 12 kinds of beeps circlarly.Move the throttle stick to thebottom position within 3 seconds after you hear some kind of beeps,you’ll enter the corresponding parameter item.

1.”B-“,Brake Type (1 Short B)
2.“B-B-“,Brake Force (2 Short Bs)
3.“B-B-B-“,Voltage Cutoff Type (3 Short Bs)
4.“B-B-B-B-“,LiPo Cells (4 Short Bs)
5.”B–…”,Cutoff Voltage (1 Long B)
6.“B—B-“,BEC Voltage (1 Long B & 1 Short B)
7.“B—-B-B-“,Start-up Mode (1 Long B & 2 Short Bs)
8.“B–B-B-B-“,Timing (1 Long B & 3 Short Bs)
9.“B——B-B-B-B-“,Motor Direction (1 Long B & 4 Short Bs)
10.”B—–B-“,Freewheeling (2 Long Bs)
11.“B—-B—-B-“,Factory Reset (2 Long Bs & 1 Short B)
12.“B—-B—-B-B-“,Exit (2 Long Bs & 2 Short Bs)
Note : A long “.…” equals to 5 short “B-” , so a long “.…” and a short “B-” represent the 6th itemin “Select Parameter ltems”.
3、Select Parameter Values
The motor will beep different kinds of beeps circularly,move the throttle stick to the top position afteryou hear some kind of beeps will get you to the corresponding parameter value, then you’ll hear themotor emit “i 5i5” to indicate the value is saved,then get back to “Select Parameter ltems”and continue toselect other parameter items that you want to adjust

4、Exit the Programming
Move the throttle stick to the bottom position within 3 seconds after you hear two long beeps and two shortbeep (emitting from the motor) can get you exit the programming mode. The motor beeps “Number”beeps toindicate the number of LiPo cels you have plugged in, and then a long beep to indicate the power system is ready to go.

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