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Hobbywing Platinum PRO V4 -130A-HV (6S-14S)

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Hobbywing Platinum PRO V4 -130A-HV (6S-14S)

Model Platinum 130A-HV V4 ESC
SKU 30209200
Application 550-600 Class Helicopter
Input Voltage 6S-14S Lipo
Cont./Peak Current (10s) 130A/160A
(Switch-mode) BEC Switch Mode:5-8V,10A
Separate Programming Port For connecting LCD Program Box/OTA programmer
Throttle Signal/BEC Output/RPM Signal Transmission Wire(s) White Throttle Signal Wire/Red & Black and Red&Brown BEC Output Wires/Yellow RPM Signal Transmission Wire
Input Wires Red-12AWG-150mm*1/Black-12AWG-150mm*1
Output Wires Black-12AWG-100mm*3
Output connector 4.0mm Gold Connectors (Female)
Size 101.0×45.5×27.0mm
Weight 165g / 5.96oz (with wires)

*Note: All the wire length above is the original length not the length you see from the outside.

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Hobbywing Platinum PRO V4 130A HV 6S 14S 2 - Hobbywing Platinum PRO V4 -130A-HV (6S-14S)


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