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  • 10V-60V Input
  • 60A Output
  • Independent 12V4A interface
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CUAV CPDB Pro | Drone Hardware High-Voltage Drone Power Distribution Board 10-60V For Multirotor Drones

CUAV CPDB Pro is a UAV power distribution board with integrated current meter. It is an integrated electric circuit board of unmanned aerial vehicle with high precision and high working voltage. It is mainly used for multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles.

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  • Support higher input voltage: 10V-60V (3s-14S battery) (Battery is not included)
  • More precise current and voltage detection: voltage detection accuracy: ±0.1v; current detection accuracy: ±0.2A
  • Support higher power port output current: 5A
  • Maximum (detection) current: 60A
  • Maximum output current: 60A
  • Independent 12V 4A interface

Note: Battery is not included in the package.

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  •  Working voltage: 10~60v
  • Working current: 0~80A (maximum measurable current 60A)
  • Current accuracy: 0.2A
  • Voltage accuracy: 0.1V
  • ESC power interface: 4
  • Power interface load capacity: * 12v out: 4A * 5V out: 2A * FC power: 5A
  • Interface Type: * Battery interface: XT60 (Battery is not included) * 12V OUT/5V OUT/FCP Power: GH1.2
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