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Know the product

1. Product Overview
JIYI J-RTK is a new generation of high-precision navigation and positioning system developed by Polar Wing. It improves the three-dimensional positioning accuracy from meters to centimeters through real-time dynamic difference technology. Accurate and reliable positioning solution. J-RTK has the characteristics of high positioning accuracy and strong anti-magnetic interference ability. It can also ensure reliable operation flying in the environment of strong magnetic interference, such as high-voltage lines and metal buildings.
1. Centimeter-level positioning accuracy, powerful multipath effect and interference suppression technology;
2. High-precision orientation of dual antennas, strong anti-magnetic interference;
3. High sensitivity, stability and reliability.

Product Overview 2 - JIYI J-RTK Manual

3. Product description

Product Overview 1 - JIYI J-RTK Manual
4. connection instructions

Product Overview 4 - JIYI J-RTK Manual

Product Overview 5 - JIYI J-RTK Manual

Product Overview 3 - JIYI J-RTK Manual

Spiral antenna installation

The shortest distance between the main antenna and the secondary antenna is 30cm.
The main antenna and the sub antenna must be vertical. If the installation is off, you can set it in the Assistant Software-Advanced-Expansion Module interface.

JIYI J RTK Spiral antenna installation - JIYI J-RTK Manual

It can be adjusted according to the installation position of the main antenna relative to the position of the center of gravity of the rack.

JIYI J RTK Spiral antenna installation2 - JIYI J-RTK Manual

Note: After the installation of the product is completed, there is no need to turn on the device, just power it on and the signal can work normally.
Installation angle setting
Set the installation angle in the computer assistant software, as shown in the figure:

JIYI J RTK Spiral antenna installation3 - JIYI J-RTK Manual

Product parameters

JIYI J RTK Product parameters - JIYI J-RTK Manual


When using this product for the first time, please make sure that all parts are connected correctly, and the position offset of the main antenna is set correctly in the polar wing assistant software.
If the connection formed by the dual antennas is not consistent or parallel with the direction of the drone head, you need to set the angle offset in the assistant software.
1. During use, please make sure that J-RTK’s dual antennas are not blocked.
2. Do not fold or drag the J-RTK antenna cable excessively during installation.
3. Use J-RTK in an open environment free from wireless interference.
4. At least one K ++ GPS module is required.
5. The 4G antenna should be far away from the RTK spiral antenna.


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