JIYI CAN Hub Manual

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JIYI CAN Hub Manual

Know the product

Product Overview
The CAN HUB-12 module is mainly a CAN interface expansion device developed for Jiyi ’s new generation flight control K ++ and its peripheral supporting peripherals. It supports 6-14S power input, 12V CAN output, 12V power output. The CAN HUB-12 interface has strong expandability. It integrates step-down power supply and expansion interface into one, which is easy to use.
1. Strong interface expandability;
2. Integrated power supply and expansion interface.
2. Product size

CAN HUB Product size - JIYI CAN Hub Manual
Wiring instructions

CAN HUB Wiring instructions - JIYI CAN Hub Manual

CAN HUB Specifications - JIYI CAN Hub Manual


1. Do not use the 12V power output to power the flight controller to prevent burning the flight controller.
2. This product is forbidden to be hot swapped (that is, the plug of the module cannot be plugged or unplugged while power is on).


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