Introduction of Pixhawk Cube Orange Standard

The Cube Orange Standard Set 1 - Introduction of Pixhawk Cube Orange Standard

Introduction of Pixhawk Cube Orange Standard

Pixhawk Cube Orange Standard Set is open source autopilot comes with a powerful H7 processor, featuring triple redundancy IMU system, Carrier Board integrated uAvionix 1090MHz ADS-B receiver, allowing the software to receive information about the location of manned aircraft in the area, that effectively improve the flight safety of UAV. Compatible with ArduCopter, ArduPlane and ArduRover flight control software. It is an open source flight controller which also is the upgraded version of Pixhawk 2.1 Cube Black.

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The Cube Orange
  • The Cube Orange target to education, drones lovers and professional cost-effective drone hardware providers.
  • The new generation of more powerful H7 processor, stronger performance, faster, more secure,
  • triple-redundant sensors, temperature control shock absorption IMU.
  • With the help of flight software, The Cube Orange can completely fly any remotely controlled aircraft, helicopter or multi-rotor vehicle and turn it into a more professional UAV platform.
  • Pixhawk Cube Orange (ADS-B Carrier Board)
  • Features a 1090 MHz ADS-B receiver from uAvionix
  • Previously known as Pixhawk 2.1
  • Automatically avoids aircraft
  • Is integrated into the new ADS-B carrier board
The ADS-B Carrier Board
  • A standard carrier board with an integrated 1090MHz ADS-B receiver allowing the software to receive information about the location of manned aircraft in the area.
  • Receives information such as position, altitude, speed, etc. which can all be viewed in Mission Planner.
  • Through settings, you can optionally set up your cube to allow the vehicle to automatically avoid aircraft that are within an exclusion zone set by you
New technology for safer flying

Specially tailored chips that obtain situational awareness for commercially manned aircraft can effectively improve the safety of drones in the air.

Superior chips for great flying

Dual processors not only provide powerful processing performance, extremely fast data computing, and stable flight solutions, but also have more room for development and security.

Switch as you go for greater flight peace of mind

Support interface switching, can be directly through the ground station software to PWM interface for dual voltage switching, adapt to more external devices.

Powerful features for smoother flying

The IMU has built-in isolation dampening for qualitative improvement in interference resistance and stability.

Everything you need to make flying more professional

The IMU is upgraded with new sensors and built-in redundancy of multiple sensors, which can be switched in real time in case of failure to improve flight safety and stability.

Constant temperature operation for more stable flight

Built-in heating resistor to maintain constant temperature operation even in low temperature environment, working temperature (-10 °C to 55 °C).

Customized carrier boards for diverse flights

The flight control is modular and can provide customized carrier boards for different needs to meet the diverse needs of users.

Since the release of HEX Orange Flight Control, it has successfully captured the hearts of many users. The cube orange flight control not only achieves technological breakthrough innovation, but also demonstrates our relentless pursuit of high quality products, from professional technology to excellent quality, it conquers users with its unique technological charm.

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