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CubePilot ArduBee unveil the Open-Source Multi-purpose Platform

At the beginning of 2022, CubePilot team created a new poster to unveil – Ardubee Multipurpose Platform. CubePilot Ecosystem which consists of Cube autopilot range serving as the core with a variety of accessories and carrier boards developed with massive support from the community and industry. The newly Ardubee, is a multipurpose platform integrated with the same powerful H7 MCU as The Cube autopilot.


Ardubee was created by LuminousBees team. In 2020 after Kickstarter funding,  CubePilot purchased the Ardubee project and enhanced the design significantly.

Over a year of development and optimization by CubePilot. Ardubee is more than a copter. It is a lightweight modular platform based on ArduPilot open-source firmware and powerful H7 MCU flight controller, dual-core wifi module, well balanced electronic components that enable Ardubee to perform well in a wide variety of usage.

This tiny palm-size Ardubee is an ideal platform for education, research, and other various applications such as swarming drone light shows. It can be fitted into rover, planes, copters, boats or even submarines, the limits are only your imagination! For those who are keen to explore the fields of open-source robot technology, Ardubee is an ideal tool and knowledge base.Ardubee - CubePilot ArduBee


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