Benewake TFmini Plus LIDAR Datasheet

Benewake TFmini Plus LIDAR Module Main 1 - Benewake TFmini Plus LIDAR Datasheet

Benewake TFmini Plus LIDAR Datasheet

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1. Product Description

TFmini Plus is a milestone of Benewake in the process of promoting the cost-effective -LiDAR.
Apart from low-cost, small-size and low-power-consumption, TFmini Plus also improves the
frame rate, introduces IP65 enclosures and optimizes various compensation algorithms. These
new characters greatly expand the application fields and scenarios of TFmini Plus.






Product parameters







Optical parameters

Operating Range0.1m~12m①



±5cm@ (0.1-6m)
±1%@ (6m-12m)
Distance resolution5mm
Ambient light immunity70klux
Operating temperature-20~60℃
Frame rate1~1000Hz(adjustable)②
Enclosure ratingIP65
Light sourceLED
Central wavelength850nm



Electrical parameters

Supply voltage5V±0.5V
Average current≤110mA
Power consumption550mW(low power mode
Peak current140mA
Communication levelUART,I2C,I/O




Wire length30cm
Material of enclosureABS+PC
Storage temperature-20℃~75℃

①   Range based on a standard whiteboard with reflectivity 90% in indoor condition
②   Only frame rates meet the formula – 1000/n (n is positive integer) can be set.
③   This is the theoretical number,the is some offset for the real number.

Product Appearance and Structure

clip image001 - Benewake TFmini Plus LIDAR Datasheet

2. Wiring Guide

Fig. 1 Dimensions of TFmini Plus module

clip image004 - Benewake TFmini Plus LIDAR Datasheetclip image006 - Benewake TFmini Plus LIDAR Datasheet

Fig. 2 Wiring diagram of TFmini Plus

No.ColorCorresponding PINPINFunction
RedPIN-1+5VPower supply

  1. Communication Protocol

Table 2 Communication Protocol–UART

Communication port UART
Default Baud rate 115200
Data bits 8
Stop bit 1
Parity None

Table 3 Communication Protocol–I2C

Communication port I2C
Max transmission rate 400kbps
Master/Slave mode Slave
Default address 0x10
Address range 0x01~0x7F
  1. Data format

The data frame contains 9 bytes, 2 bytes of frame head, 2 bytes of distance value (Dist_L and Dist_H), 2 bytes of signal strength (Strength_L and Strength_H), 2 bytes of temperature (Temp_L and Temp_H) and 1byte of checksum. All the data and commands are transmitted in hexadecimal format. See the Table 4 for more details.


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