Benewake TF03 Rangefinder (180 m)–Datasheet

Benewake TF03 100 LIDAR Module Main - Benewake TF03 Rangefinder (180 m)–Datasheet

Benewake TF03 Rangefinder (180 m) – Datasheet

Benewake TF03 Rangefinder Prouduct Here

Benewake TF03 Rangefinder in more detail  – Datasheet in PDF Here

1 Product Overview

TF03, as a single-point long distance LiDAR in accordance with the industrial level, mainly targets the intelligent transportation system, industrial UAV, automotive and other industrial applications.

To maximize different requirements in different applications and scenarios, TF03 can be compatible with a variety of communication interfaces, featuring IP67 high- intensity bodywork and the measurement frequency as high as 10KHz. It not only has powerful performance and rich interfaces, but also is small in volume, so that it could be integrated more easily in applications.

In addition, TF03 contains a compensation algorithm targeting outdoor highlight environment, so that it could still work normally in highlight environment. Besides, it also has a variety of measurement models and parameters for custom configurations, so as to meet the ranging needs of different customers.

2 Key Features

Wide range, as far as 180m
Multi-interface compatibility, able to be used in many fields
IP67 high-strength bodywork and high reliability
Small in volume and easy to be integrated
High-speed measuring up to 10KHz, high repeated accuracy
Excellent highlight interference, able to be used outdoors

3 Ranging Principle

TF03 uses the pulse method to range the distance based on TOF (Time-of-Flight). Specifically, TF03 emits a beam of light pulse which will reflected by the object and received by TF03 again.TF03 calculate the time of flight in the course of the round trip and thus obtain the relative distance between TF03 and the measured object.. As shown in Figure 1.

clip image001 1 - Benewake TF03 Rangefinder (180 m)–Datasheet

Figure 1 Schematic of TF03 ranging principle

4 Application Areas

Vehicle Classification recognition and vehicle counting
UAV altitude holding and auxiliary landing
Car collision avoidance
Civil/industrial material level monitoring
Safety warning

5 Performance Parameters
Range1 180m@90% reflectivity , 70m@10% reflectivity
Blind Zone 10cm
Distance resolution 1cm
Accuracy ±10cm (within10m) ,1% (beyond 10m)
Repeatability 1σ:3cm
Output frame rate2 100Hz-1000Hz (Default 100Hz)
Multi echo 4 times
Ambient Light Resistance 100Klux
Over range output 180m(Default)
6 Optical Parameters
Light source LD
Wavelength of light source 905nm
Detection angleⅠ 0.5°

1 The parameters (range, distance accuracy and repeated accuracy) are measured in white object (90% reflectivity) and will be somewhat different in case of different reflectivity or light sensitivity conditions.

2 The highest frame rate can be customized for 10KHz.

Spot sizeⅡ 100m:100cm*28cm (horizontal * vertical)
Laser safety level CLASS 1 (IEC 60825)
7 Communication and Interface
Output data form Hexadecimal distance value; Character string; Switching value;
Communication interface UART;CAN
Baud rate UART:115200;CAN:1M
8 Mechanical/Electrical Parameters
Power supply voltage DC 5V (≥200mA)
Power consumption ≤0.9W
SizeⅢ 44mm43mm32mm (lengthwidthheight)
Weight 77g
Enclosure material Aluminum alloy
Installation specification 6 mounting holes at the bottom, in accordance with the specification of M3*3.5mm
9 Operation/working Performance
Working temperature -25~60℃
Storage temperature -40~85℃
Protection levelⅣ IP67
Certification CE,FCC,RoHS,FDA


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