Benewake TF02-Pro Rangefinder Manual

Benewake TF02-Pro Rangefinder Manual

Benewake TF02-Pro Rangefinder – Manual

Benewake TF02-Pro Rangefinder IP65 Prouduct Here Benewake TF02-Pro Rangefinder – Manual in PDF Here
1 Attentions
1.1 About this Manual
  • This manual provides all the essential information during the usage of this product.

  • Please carefully read this manual and make sure that you fully understand everything herein.

1.2 Usage of Product
  • The maintenance of this product should be done by the professional technician, and the product can only work with the factory spare part for ensuring the performance and safety.

  • This product itself has no polarity and over-voltage protection. Please properly connect and supply power as described in this manual.

  • Operating temperature of this product is between -20℃~60℃. Do not use it beyond this temperature range to prevent malfunction.

  • Storage temperature of this product is between -30℃~80℃. Do not store it beyond this temperature range to prevent malfunction.

  • For ensuring the product performance, do not open the product shell or remove the IR-pass filter.

1.3 Conditions with Potential Malfunction
  • Detecting object with high reflectivity, such as the mirror or the smooth floor tile, may cause a system malfunction.

  • The product will malfunction if there is any transparent object between it and the detecting object, such as glass or water.

  • The product will be subject to risk of failure if its transmitting or receiving len is covered by the dust. Please keep the lens clean.

2 Physical Interface
2.1 Description about Line Sequence

Type of external connecting terminal of TF02-Pro is 1.25-4p(Molex510210400).1 - Benewake TF02-Pro Rangefinder Manual

Table 1 The Function and Connection Description of each pin

Color Function Comment
Red +5V Power supply
White RXD/SDA Receiving/Data
Green TXD/SCL Transmitting/Clock
Black GND Ground
2.2 Electrical Characteristics

This product has no overvoltage nor polarity protection, so please make sure that connection and power supply are normal.

Table 2 Major Electrical Parameters of TF02-Pro

Description Parameter value
Supply voltage 5V~12V
Average current ≤200mA
Peak current 300mA
Average power ≤1W
Communication level LVTTL(3.3V)
3 Appearance and Structure

It is recommended to use M2.5 round Phillips screws for installation. Please remove the protective film of the optical lens before use. The lens of front panel of LiDAR cannot be covered. Please keep it clean. The surface of optical lens is the ranging zero of LiDAR.

benewake tf02 pro lidar led rangefinder manual  - Benewake TF02-Pro Rangefinder Manual

Figure 1: Constructional Drawing of TF02-Pro (unit: mm)

The detection angle of TF02-Pro is 3°. At different distances, the size of the spot, namely the edge length of the detection range, is different, as shown in Figure 2. Side length of the detection range at different distances (the detection range is a square), as shown in Table 2. Therefore, it is noted that the

side length of the target object generally should be longer than that of the TF02 detection range; if the side length of the detected object is shorter than that of the detection range, the output (Dist) from TF02 will be a value between the actual distance values of the two objects.benewake tf02 pro lidar led rangefinder ip65 40m manual  - Benewake TF02-Pro Rangefinder Manual

*Figure 2: Schematic diagram of detection Angle *

Table 3: Edge length of spot detection range

Distance(m) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 15 20 22
Edge length of detection range (cm) 5  10  16 21 26 31 37 42 47 52 79 105 115
4 Communication Protocol and Data Formats
4.1 Serial port Communication Protocol

TF02-Pro adopts the serial port data communication protocol, as given in Table 4.

Table 4: Data Communication Protocol of TF02-Pro——UART

Communication interfce UART
Default baud rate 115200
Data bit 8
Stop bit 1
Parity check None


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