Ardupilot - Ardupilot Camera Shutter Configuration

Ardupilot Camera Shutter Configuration

PWM trigger

  • Open Mission Planner and then click on CONFIG/TUNING/Full Parameters List

CAM_TRIGG_TYPE(0.Servo ,1.Relay):How to trigger the camera to take a picture

CAM TRIGG TYPE - Ardupilot Camera Shutter Configuration

  • The actual output used for the shutter is set and configured in the SETUP/Optional Hardware/Camera Gimbal screen.Set the shutter trigger output (PWM trigger output from the flight control interface) Note: Aux1-6, servo9-12, can set steering gear limit and shutter PWM value as required

camera gimbal - Ardupilot Camera Shutter Configuration

  • On CONFIG/TUNING/Full Parameters List, modify the ch7_opt parameter to 9. Click Write parameter (this setting is to set the control shutter of the seventh channel of the remote control, please ensure that the seventh channel of the remote control has been calibrated).

rc7 opt - Ardupilot Camera Shutter Configuration

Plug the shutter/steering gear cable into the corresponding interface of the flight control (if servo9 is set previously, plug into the flight control aux1/ FS1)

Relay trigger

CAM_TRIGG_TYPE: camera shutter trigger mode setting (0.servo, 1.relay), should be set to 1 in all parameter list

CAM Relay - Ardupilot Camera Shutter Configuration

  • Set relay pin parameters Relay_pin(for example, set to 55 and output to AUX6 pin /V5 flight control A6 pin, only relay 1 can be used as relay output)
    Set ch7_opt to 9 and write

Insert the shutter cable into the corresponding interface of the flight control (if the previous setting is 54, insert it into the flight control aux5/ FS4 / A5)

  • Set trigger phase reversal:
    RELAY_DEFAULT: indicates that the relay is enabled
    CAM_RELAY_ON : This sets whether the relay goes high or low when it triggers. Note that you should also set RELAY_DEFAULT appropriately for your camera

RELAY DEFAULT - Ardupilot Camera Shutter Configuration

Camera Trigger Setup for Pixhawk

More Cameras and Gimbals Parameter Settings reference ardupilot wiki

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