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Airvolute – DroneCore.Suite

Autonomous drones solution for developers

One-stop solution for drone developers combining the best features of Nvidia Jetson NX and The Cube autopilot with the AI-ready autonomous software stack, rich connectivity and different payloads support. Designing and developing of enterprise-grade autonomous drones has never been easier. It is time to focus on your drone based applications!

  • Delivered ready to embed and develop.
    Autonomous drone software stack with fast learning curve
    Ready to use HW and rich accessory and payload support 
  • Customizable integrated drone power stage*
    4x FOC based UAVCAN ESCs with motor diagnostic
    PDB with classic or intelligent Battery support
  • ROS based system for autonomous flight
    Global and reactive navigation system
    Localization using GNSS or VIO in GNSS denied environment
  • Drone control and management system
    Web based system for your application and UAV fleet m/c
    Fleet connectivity via 5G/4G cellular networks
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Mechanical parameters

  • Weight 244g – including Xavier NX, heatsink with fan, The Cube
  • Dimensions 115 x 80 x 45mm
  • Mount with 4 screws/spacers M3 109 x 74mm
  • WiFi module
  • WiFi antennas 2pcs

Electrical parameters

  • Power supply range: 12V – 35V (6S LiHV)
  • Integrated DC/DC converter for control circuits
  • Redundant power supply with power good monitoring for control unit
  • Current protected peripheral connectors
  • 4 x FOC UAVCAN ESC 40A, featuring motor identification and motor diagnostics
  • Power sensor, SMBUS


  • Jetson Xavier NX with Ubuntu 18.04 AND Jetpack 4.5
  • ROS based (Melodic)
  • The Cube with optimized Ardupilot firmware
  • 64GB SD Card (ultra durable)

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