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Keel Quadcopter


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Package included:

  • Keel Quadcopter Frame * 1
  • T5 Motors * 4
  • ESC * 4
  • Pixhawk Cube Orange+ Standard Set* 1
  • F9P RTK sky module * 1
  • FPV camera * 1
  • 32″ propeller (pair) * 2
  • 7S 28000mah Battery * 2
  • K4 Battery Charger * 1
  • Skydroid H16 remote controller(10 km) * 1
  • Carrying case * 1

Optional Components:

GPS Module: Dual GPS, etc.

Radio Controller: Herelink V1.1, etc.

Mission Payload: mapping/filming cameras, inspection gimbal cameras, LiDARs, RTK modules, cargo release & drop devices, cargo delivery boxes, megaphones, lights, etc.

Note: If you have any customization requirements for Keel Quadcopter, please contact ‘sales@worldronemarket.com’, thank you!

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Payment Method - Keel Quadcopter

Keel Quadcopter-An Ideal Platform For Delivery And Dropping

ZHT Keel Quadcopter Drone combines a rugged folding design and multiple configurability to work as a solution for a variety of industrial applications, such as mapping, inspection and delivery.

The integrated PDB is compatible with various flight controllers. The power distribution board is able to supply power to flight controller. It also reserves the interface for remote controller, which makes the circuit clean and small-size. It can carry max 10 kg payload and reach 120 minutes flight time without payload. It can fly 60 minutes even with 5 kg payload.

The whole UAV adopts a modular design with the arms, the batteries, the mission payloads, and the propellers, so it is possible to assemble it within 3 min by one operator.

Two 7S 28000 mAh batteries provide Keel Quadcopter a flight time of max 120 min at no payload, and it can still fly for 30 min with 10 kg payload.

Keel Quadcopter can equip with dual GPS for easier flight preparation and higher positioning accuracy.

Quick-mount structure for the mission payloads mounting, such as gimbal camera, LiDAR scanner, cargo delivery box, cargo release and drop device, megaphone, light, etc., allows multiple-mission-payload-mounting to carry out one task, such as synchronized inspection with upward-mounted and downward-mounted gimbal cameras, cargo delivery using a winch and LiDAR, etc.

Keel Heavy-lift Quadcopter supports multiple payloads, there are 6 places on the drone can carry different payloads such as gimbal camera, dropping device, delivery box and megaphone.


  • 120MIN Flight Time
  • 10KG Loading Capacity
  • Modular Design
  • Carbon fiber frame, light weight, high strength
  • Reasonable circuit layout design, reduce current crosstalk
  • Advanced control system supports full autonomous flight, stable flight and high mission accuracy
  • Optimized design, strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability, stable flight in complex environment
  • Strong power, long endurance, long control distance, support a variety of task loads, to meet the needs of various industries
  • Support runaway return, with good wind resistance, rain and snow resistance
  • The ground station has powerful functions, which can meet the real-time acquisition and monitoring of all kinds of video and signals
  • All the arms, landing gears, Propellers can be removed or folded, easy to carry and operations
  • Adapted to a variety of load equipment, can meet the application requirements of different scenarios

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Model ZHT Keel Quadcopter
Symmetric Wheelbase 1250 mm
Size ≈ 991*991*356 mm(Arms & landing gears Unfolded, Props removed)
Packing Size ≈ 1060*430*335 mm
Weight Empty weight ≈ 4 kg ( excl. battery)
Empty weight ≈ 9.7 kg ( incl. Two batteries)
Max. Loading ≤ 5 kg
Max. Take-off Weight ≤ 14.7 kg
Max. Angle Of Rotation 150°/s
Max. Angle Of Pitch 25°
Max. Lifting Speed 3 m/s
Max. Descent Speed 2.5 m/s
Max. Speed 15 m/s
Service Ceiling 5500 m
Wind Resistance 12 m/s
Flight Time ≥ 120 min (no payload)
≥ 90 min (1.2 kg payload)
≥ 60 min (5 kg payload)
IP Rate IP45
Working Temperature ﹣20℃ to 55℃
Remarks: The weight and size are measured by hand and may change according to different customizations. Please refer to the actual items.

Keel Quadcopter 1 1 - Keel Quadcopter Keel Quadcopter 2 - Keel Quadcopter Keel Quadcopter 3 - Keel Quadcopter Keel Quadcopter 4 - Keel Quadcopter Keel Quadcopter 5 - Keel Quadcopter Keel Quadcopter 6 - Keel Quadcopter Keel Quadcopter 7 - Keel Quadcopter Keel Quadcopter 8 - Keel Quadcopter Keel Quadcopter 9 - Keel Quadcopter Keel Quadcopter 10 - Keel Quadcopter Keel Quadcopter 11 - Keel Quadcopter

Weight 25 kg


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