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Advertise our products on external sites. This advertising results from the placement of cookies by third parties, including Google on our site. These cookies allow them to identify your visit to our Site and your preferences during this visit, as well as your subsequent visits to third party sites on their network. This process allows us to provide you with personalized advertising on these third party sites from information collected about your interests during your visit to our Site.

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Allow us to collect anonymous data relating to the use of the Site to help us improve the usability and content of the Site and the experience of each user on the Site. This includes the analysis of web data from the use of cookies such as Google Analytics. We also use Google Analytics to collect information about your activity on the Site, such as the web pages you visit, the links you click or searches on the Site. We use this information to compile reports to help us improve the Site. Cookies can collect this information anonymously, including the number of visitors to the site, but also the page visited previously and the pages visited on the site. For more information on data collected through the use of Google Analytics, please visit:

Evaluate the conversion of third parties by allowing us to collect anonymous data on the effectiveness of our marketing.

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